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Custom Wedding Dress Sketch | Bliss & Bridal San Diego
Custom Wedding Dress from Bliss & Bridal in San Diego, CA
Olivia Hops | Owner, Bliss & Bridal

C U S T O M   G O W N S

If you can't find your dream wedding dress after looking everywhere but under your bed for it, you're not alone. And we're here to help.

Contact us or book an appointment with us today to discuss your vision and start the journey of bringing your dream dress to life!


Olivia's Dress Story

After trying on dozens of wedding dresses from nearly every bridal shop she could find in her area, Olivia just couldn't find her dream dress. She had found bits of pieces of the dress hidden in other dresses, but the elements she loved were never all attached to the same dress.

Finally, Olivia realized she was just too picky to ever find a dress that someone else designed and be truly happy with it. She knew she needed to take all the elements she loved from the various dresses she tried on or saw online and combine them into her dream dress. She set out on a journey to make her vision come to life, and in doing so, realized how much better going the custom route really was.

Not only did getting a custom dress allow Olivia to have exactly what she envisioned, it was also a surprisingly inexpensive and quick process. Plus, her custom dress fit her perfectly and needed no altering whatsoever.

Buying a dress from a bridal shop (that wasn't even one she truly wanted) was going to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, take up to 9 months to receive, and on top of all that, was then going to cost another several hundred dollars to be altered. By going the custom route, Olivia saved thousands on her dress, saved the hassle and expense of altering, and received her dream dress in just 21 DAYS.

This journey led Olivia to create Bliss & Bridal, knowing there has to be other brides in her shoes. If you're one of these brides, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Whether you want to alter one of the gowns from our collection to fit your vision or create one entirely on your own, we'll be there for you every step of the way.

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